I edit and publish books and regularly tackle all sorts of writing, from the most painful one (the academic kind) to the most ecstatic one (the creative flow). Currently, I am plotting a chapter in a book about the networked image in post-digital culture and I am helping to produce an exciting compendium of interviews about digital and online art curation.

Here is a sample of academic articles, blog posts and reviews you can find online.

From Spectacle to Extraction. And All Over Again 2019

Forging Strategic Alliances: The agency of Human–Algorithmic Curation under conditions of Platform Capitalism 2019
Networked Co-Curation: An Exploration of the Socio-Technical Specificities of Online Curation with Annet Dekker 2019

Human-Algorithmic Curation: Curating with or against the Algorithm? 2019

Co-curating with Cassini: from the abyss of Commodification to the exploration of Space Curation 2017

Tracing Networked Images: an Emerging Method for Online Curation 2017

Methodological notes on image-based research 2017

Annalisa Sonzogni: Identikit II 2015
Kamal Aljafari: Inhabiting Gestures 2012